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Best Baa Farm started life in 1998 when we moved here from a grain farm in Manitoba, bringing with us our well established Columbia flock. Already in Manitoba we had researched a breed which would improve the prolificacy and milkiness of the fast growing Columbias. The 300% lambing average of the British Milk Sheep combined with their high milk yield and calm temperament made them our obvious choice.

Once in Ontario we discovered the growing demand for sheep milk, and after some more research in Europe, we realised that we already had the best breed for both lamb and milk production.

Our sheep dairy farm enables us to practice our philosophy of environmental sustainability while maintaining high animal welfare standards.

We have always believed that land and animals which provide us with a living deserve our respect and care. After several years of development we are now a vibrant enterprise which offers breeding stock to other farmers and lamb, milk, fleeces and sheep milk products to an ever growing list of wholesale and retail customers.

Eric & Elisabeth Bzikot
Best Baa Farm

British Milk Sheep British Milk Sheep

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Best Baa Farm is a founding member of
Ewenity Dairy Co-operative

Best Baa Farm
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