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By acting in accordance to the high standards outlined in the “Our Farms” page, we are able to produce high quality products on par with any European import yet produced right here in Ontario.  This industry creates a fair return on the milk produced by members of the Ewenity Dairy Co-op while lessening the environmental impact of getting our goods to the consumer.

We are in the sheep milking industry to provide products which are difficult to obtain for those searching for something special in the cheese/dairy world and those sensitive to cow milk.  Please find below our collection of products currently available in many farmer’s markets, restaurants and retail outlets in Southern Ontario.  As we continue to perfect our craft, we intend to introduce new products.

Using traditional, artesianal methods, each batch of cheese is made with the milk of one producer.  This creates tractability and accountability to each of our members.

Please find listed below a summary of our products.  Click on the item in which you are interested for further details!


Brebette – a sophisticated, soft, culture ripened cheese.

Brebis Frais – a fresh, creamed cheese.

Brigitte – a tasty, 60 day cheese based on a Reblochon recipe.

Eweda – our delicious aged, pasteurized semi-hard cheese.

Eweda Cru – a raw milk version of the Eweda, aged 120 days.

Feta – traditional greek style feta available raw or pasteurized

Mouton Rouge – a firm, washed rind, raw milk cheese aged 60 days.

Ramembert – this is our camembert style cheese with the additional delicate, creaminess of Ewe’s milk - available raw or pasteurized.

Sheep in the Meadow – a fresh cheese rolled in Herbes de Provence

Quark a fresh, creamy pasteurized cheese similar to it’s cow milk counterpart.


Plain – traditional Balkan style made with just milk and culture.

Maple – a touch of delicious Ontario maple syrup is added.

Vanilla - sweetened with agave nectar and just a touch of vanilla

More new flavours to come!


Pasteurized but not homogenized.  Fluid Milk is also available to licensed cheese plants.

Ice Cream

Made with simple, premium ingredients (sheep milk/cream, eggs and sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup or agave nectar) to create a delicious, homemade style ice cream. Available in 200 ml, 500 ml, and 1 L containers. Flavours include honey vanilla, vanilla agave, vanilla chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, chocolate, cappuccino, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, lavender vanilla, maple and honey creamVanilla – all the richness of cow milk ice cream with the added benefits of sheep milk.


Packed with protein and minerals, a great nutritional supplement in smoothies.

Sour Cream

All the rich and creamy smoothness of sour cream with the extra lemony tang of ewe’s milk.

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