Best Baa Dairy Pioneering Sheep Milk Dairy in Ontario

About Us

Best Baa Dairy, founded by Eric and Elisabeth Bzikot and their son Peter, embarked on its journey in 2001 as a vital component of the Ewenity Dairy Coop. Our vision was rooted in the burgeoning demand for alternatives to traditional cow's milk dairy products. We recognized an opportunity to provide high-quality sheep milk products to the market.

In 2007, this vision took shape as we established the Sheep Milk Dairy Processing Plant in Fergus, Ontario. Best Baa Dairy is a small, family-owned, operated enterprise that works diligently to craft nutritious and delicious products with unwavering kindness. We greatly respect the environment, animals, and the countless individuals we engage with.

Our commitment to quality extends to the welfare of our pastured sheep, raised in accordance with "The 5 Freedoms," ensuring they live their best lives. Best Baa Dairy is a leading sheep milk manufacturer in Ontario, and we are dedicated to providing you with the finest sheep milk products.

Management Organization Chart

Our Mission

At Best Baa Dairy, we believe everyone deserves access to nutritious, delicious, and ethically produced dairy products. We aim to set a standard for excellence in the sheep milk industry and continue to serve as a trusted source for the first and finest NON-GMO Project verified and grass-fed sheep milk products in Ontario and beyond.

Best Baa Dairy is a Fergus-based sheep milk enterprise that serves clients across Ontario, including Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Wellington, Durham, and Niagara.